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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Italian Industrial Output Falls Again In June

Italian industrial output stagnated in June, and was down 1.8 percent from the level of June 2007.

In seasonally adjusted terms Italian industrial output rebounded slightly and grew 0.1% month-over-month after falling 1.4% in May. But if we come to look at the seasonally adjusted output index we can see that output has been dropping almost continually since the November/December 2006 peak.

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Ugo Bardi said...

Hello Mr. Hugh. I'd like to reproduce some of your graphs on "The Oil Drum" together with a discussion on the perilous state of the Italian economy, being at present on the brink of collapse, I think. That would be linked, in my interpretation, to the rise in oil prices. Is that all right? Can I contact you directly at your email? Thanks for your attention