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Sunday, May 11, 2003

Italy's Immigration Scandal

With government debt at over 100% of GDP, an unsustainable pensions system, and poor economic groth prospects all round, The Italian Government's attitute towards the much needed immigration is nothing short of scandalous:

United against the Government's immigration policies. During tense times of political clashes concerning metalworkers contracts, and insults aimed at Cisl General Secretary, Savino Pezzotta in Lucca, the Cgil, Cisl and Uil Unions have finally come to a unanimous position on an important subject.The three Unions are joining forces for a protest in front of the Welfare Ministry on Thursday at 10am to criticise the Fini-Bossi immigration law, which they define "as hostile and discriminatory towards immigrants. They also wish to underline that "nine months since its coming into force, there are no traces of a regulation of its carrying out." In a joint statement they claim "we are in May and we still know nothing about the decree concerning the entrance of foreign workers 2003. Foreign workers with all necessary papers in order are being told by the Welfare Ministry that they cannot change jobs." They continue by saying that at the end of April only a little more than the 703,000 applications for legalisation have been dealt with, meaning the majority are unable to re-enter their home countries. "There is no talk of integration policies. We have asked the Ministry about this long ago but they are not listening. This situation is frankly no longer tolerable if you that the immigrants are not even given the right to speak and defend themselves."
Source: Agenzia Giornalistica Italia

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